Get Out of Town – Day Trips Near Xi’an

Article by XIANEASE

Spring has arrived, your quarantine is over, and you are aching for the great outdoors. Though it might seem from your window that Xi’an is just an endless city, we are just a short trip from some absolutely breathtaking sites. From tiny villages to mountainous peaks, there is more than enough out there to keep you entertained through the spring. In addition, spring is the mountains is gorgeous, and will create a fond memory of cool weather once the summer heat sets in. Get out there while you can.

Zhuque National Forest Park

The gem of Hu County, Zhuque National Forest Park is 26 square kilometers of forest fun. The main draws are the green mountains and rivers running through the park, as well as the great climate, which has temperatures rarely rising above 30ºC. There are five main areas, and combined they boast 105 different scenic spots, which all but ensures that, whatever your interests are, you’ll find something cool to check out. If you’re into wildlife, there are hundreds of different plant and animal species. If you want some natural scenery, there are areas such as the waterfall-filled Dragon Pool. If you are a fan of Chinese history and culture, you’ll find references to both all around the park, such as the Rock of the Monkey King, the Golden Toad Rock and Wenchang Lawn.

How to get there: There is a direct bus (朱雀国家森林公园) from the Shaanxi Province Stadium on Chang’an Lu, but it only runs once a day, at 7:30am (110 RMB, includes round-trip bus fare and entry to the park). Alternatively, one can go to the South Bus Station, on Zhuque Da Jie outside the 3rd Ring Road and take bus 928 to Huxian (6 RMB), then take a second bus directly to the Forest Park (8 RMB)
Ticket prices: Free Until May 31st (Reservation Required)

Niu Bei Liang National Forest Park

If you don’t feel like going so far from the city, Niu Bei Liang National Forest Park might be just right for you. It’s a beautiful slice of nature that contains the highest peak of the southern Qinling Mountains, but also has quite a few man-made touches to make everything more accessible. The park is definitely meant for the more easygoing crowd. Still, it’s a nice little departure from everyday urban living, however. If you decide to hike up the mountain, you’ll find waterfalls and flowers, and the area is still being developed into a better and better getaway.

How to get there: The South Bus Station (same as that to go to Zhuque Park) has a bus to Zhashui for 28 RMB, then at Zhashui there is a second bus to take you to the park for 9 RMB.
Ticket prices: 82 RMB

Taiping National Forest Park

Taiping National Forest Park is located southwest of Xi’an and is a pleasant place to spend a day, or even to stay overnight and enjoy the relaxing views of nature. With a variety of waterfalls and hidden nooks, you can spend 6-8 hours walking the entirety of the park. Though it can get steep in some places, there is plenty of scenery to view even without making it to the peak. If you’d rather take a morning hike, there are plenty of inns and other places to stay near the entrance of the park.

How to get there: Catch subway line 2 to the southernmost stop (Wei Qu Nan, exit D) and then walk 300m north to Wei Qu Nan Jie. Turn right, and 50m further is a bus stop. Catch bus 923 from here (Ask the driver if it goes to Jia Wu Tai bus stop because not all the 923’s go that far). It costs 3.5Yuan per person and takes about an hour. Alternatively you may be approached by “private taxi” drivers, with the going rate about 60 Yuan. The last return bus is 7.30pm at time of writing.
Ticket prices: Free Until May 31st (Reservation Required)

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