Shaanxi Hills International Team

Article By Marcus Meyer

How S.H.I.T. began:

Two and a half years ago, a tiny group of expats and locals found each other via social media and started riding our bikes together. With some time our group grew and more and more cycling fans joined. the weekend rides become a routine for us. We started sharing our known routes and discovered new paths and climbs in the area around Xi’an, like the beautiful Qinling mountains.

We named ourselves the Shaanxi Hills International Team (a.k.a. Team S.H.I.T.)

How S.H.I .T Grew:

Some of our Chinese friends had already participated in some local races, so we gave it a try. We experienced this amazing feeling of adrenaline and excitement when we showed up at the starting line. During the last season, we participated in many local amateur races in and around Xi’an and even got a few wins and podiums.


Last year we got an invitation to our first pro race in Weinan, which was an amazing event for us, giving us the chance to compete with Chinese and international professionals. Needless to say we didn’t win, but 4 of 6 managed to survive the two stages within the Peloton/field.

Know Your S.H.I.T.

Riding buddies became friends. We help each other out quite often, whether it be some mechanical problems with the bike or anything else.

We have both male and female riders with a wide variety of ages and fitness levels. Some like to do a short, slow ride around the city and some focus on improving their skills for races. Regardless of the individual goals, we still ride together and enjoy sharing our passion for cycling. With okayish weather (any weather can be S.H.I.T. weather), there are several group rides every week. Usually we go to the East or South of Xi’an. Bailuyuan, Lishan or just out into the Qinling mountains are our usual destinations. As the term “Hills” is in our name, we usually aim for a climb or two during our rides.

Are You S.H.I.T. Material?

We welcome everyone from cycling enthusiasts to casual riders; anyone who likes to ride a bike. Whether you are an expat or a local, anyone can come. Bike style doesn’t matter either. Road bikes, mountain bikes, whatever. We even had people on folding bikes join us. On our social group rides, we focus on being social; waiting for each other, enjoying some breaks for snacks or food and sharing our riding experiences or bike stories. Some join us for only a part of the ride, which is no problem at all. So when you feel tired or have other things to do, you can always turn around.

How to Become S.H.I.T.

We have a WeChat group to manage our group rides. Usually, if someone wants to ride, they will ask in the group for the next day, whoever wishes to can join. You can add Marcus’ WeChat WeChat ID (Scan the QR) or contact him by email ( and he will add you to the group.

S.H.I.T. Sponsors Wanted

Even there are no races happening right now due to the coronavirus, but we are still looking for sponsors for our club and racing team. So, if you would like to support us and have your logo prominently placed on our cycling kit, please contact Marcus. It has never been easier to become the sponsor of a semi-professional cycling team than now.