TOP 5 Brunch Spots

Article by XIANEASE

Brunch might just be the perfect meal. All of the delicious foods of breakfast, but at a time that is much more reasonable. Plus, you can start drinking before noon and people will judge you less for it. Brunch as a concept was not something that you could find in Xi’an, as most people stuck with the more traditional three meals a day. Slowly, however, the concept has taken off, leaving us with more choices than ever. While some place may still be BYOB, you can still pick up some delicious dishes and lounge around for the morning, hopefully on your days off.

01 Rabbie’s 瑞比不让吃咖啡餐厅

Rabbie’s is so into brunch, they put it on the sign. Located on the backside of Luomashi, on the street behind Mojar, this little café has been doing brunch for around two years now. With brunch dishes running from around 32RMB and up, there are plenty of choices for that breakfast/lunch combo you so desire. Their tiramisu comes in as one of the most recommended dishes though, so if you want a sweet treat to cap off your brunch excursion, then this might be for you.

02 Beaver’s 海狸

Beaver’s is a place that we reviewed back in December, and since then, we have seen several people give positive feedback on the experience. The Canadian-inspired café serves up a bunch of brunch dishes, including French Toast, Pancakes, Eggs Benedict, and much more. Located in north Gaoxin, this café actually does brunch all day, every day, so you can enjoy your breakfast regardless of when you wake up.

03 The Morning After

If you’re looking for a trendy brunch spot, then this might be the place for you. Located at G-Park, just to the north of the northwest corner of the city wall, The Morning After is a café that serves up waffles, steak and eggs, and even quesadillas on their brunch menu. While a good bit pricier than other options on this list (starts from 56RMB and goes up), this café has one of the best environments, as well as comfortable outdoor seating so you can get some vitamin D with your breakfast as well. I suggest the second floor terrace for a bit more privacy while you recover from your hangover.

04 On Toast·美食会客厅

This tiny little café is located on a side street in the downtown area, and is known for one particular thing – bagels. If you like a lighter style of brunch, then this place is for you. They do several different kinds of Eggs Benedict, croissant sandwiches, and much more, as well as decent coffee. You can even get just a bagel from 12RMB. It may be hard to find the first time you venture down, but once you find it, you’ll be back.

05 Leban 乐班

Probably the first in Xi’an to bring the brunch game, Leban has been running late breakfast items for a while now. Salmon Eggs Benedict, fluffy pancakes, and an American style breakfast with eggs, sausage and bacon – what’s not to love? While only a few of their locations also serve wine, you they generally don’t have an issue if you roll up with a bit of your own. As an added bonus, if you arrive before 11AM on any given day, most breakfast dishes are 50% off.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and have a chance to try out some of these places. If you try them, drop us some feedback, good or bad, to let us know what you think. Enjoy your brunching!