TOP5 Swimming Pools

The summer is already heating up and it can seem impossible to escape from the unrelenting furnace that is a Xi’an summer. Sure, you could hide from the heat in your home, with the A/C cranked to 11, but what’s the fun in that? No, summer heat relief comes best in the shape of a swimming pool. While it may not seem so from the outside, Xi’an actually contains a large number of swimming pools, though many of them are tucked away in building and out of sight. So here are the best places to get wet this summer.

Xi’an Retro Swimming Pool

This swimming pool is actually part of the 邮电十所家属院 community. It is an old pool, but it is open to the sky, one of the few in Xi’an. There is no lifeguard or fancy locker room, but if you just want a quick dip in a pool with no fuss, this might be the place for you. Located just down the road from Dayanta, it is probably the most central outdoor swimming pool you’ll find in Xi’an.
Address: 雁塔西路12号
Opening Time:

Shaanxi Provincial Swimming Pool

Probably one of the largest facilities in Xi’an, this place offers both indoor and outdoor pools, (one of the few places for outdoor swimming). Ticket prices are 40RMB during the off season and 50RMB during the summer (June-August). It should be noted that this place can get packed on weekends, making it nearly impossible to do laps, so better to save that for a different pool.
Address: 丈八东路与唐延路交叉口西北角
Opening Time: Summer (Mon-Fri) – 12:30-21:30; (Sat-Sun) -10:30-20:30

Jindu Swimming Pool

This pool is not Olympic size, but what it trades in exchange for size is generally fewer people. Located in the Jindu Community on the north side of Tangyan Road, this pool offers single use tickets for 45RMB (38RMB via 大众点评) or combined parent-child tickets for 70RMB (55 via 大众点评). As with most pools, the price goes down as the number of entries goes up, so if you’re a regular swimmer, then it might be worth the investment.
Address: 唐延路锦都花园内二楼游泳馆
Opening Time: (Mon-Sun) 09:00-21:00

Jiaotong University Swimming Pool

This one is a popular pool, both for recreation and for exercise. Located near the east gate of Jiaotong University, this large swimming pool is easily accessible for those living in the eastern part of the city. While the locker rooms are basic, the ticket prices are fairly low and there are lifeguards on duty here for safety. A word of warning, this place will fill up quickly on hot days, so get in early if you can.
Address: 兴庆路南段(近西安交通大学东南门)
Opening Time: (Mon-Sun) 12:00-21:00

Xi’an Sports University Swimming Pool

Located at the Xi’an Sport University campus, this swimming facility is set up for the serious wimmer. With nice clean water, lanes for exercise, and a basic but clean locker room, this is a convenient and relatively inexpensive place to get your laps. While it does fill up at nights and on the weekends, if you’re free any weekday, you won’t have to compete for space. Swimming classes for kids are also available here.
Address: 友谊西路与朱雀大街北段十字
Opening Time: (Mon-Fri) 18:00-21:00 (Sat-Sun) 12:00-21:00

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